Still publishing your private life?

We used to do that too.

Those were the days. Back in 2010, when you trusted strangers and really wanted to know what your friends from high school think.

Times have changed and so have your needs, so we built USpace, the private network for the future. We are a social network that doesn't force media and publishing between you and your closest people. We also ditched some other unpopular social media additives. Things like algorithm filters, data mining, bots, random strangers and stalkers.

And ads too. We got rid of those, all of them. It's going to be 2020 soon. If we're doing the future right, we don't need to push ads in front of you to run a profitable social network. All we need to do is make USpace a place you want to be.

Welcome to USpace. Welcome to Your Space, where your life is "Private by Default."

Keep Facebook

Want to stay in touch with fellow travelers from your trek across Europe in 2003? Keep Facebook for that.

USpace is designed to be a calm, media-free space for your most important long-term relationships.

Inner Circle Love

USpace is about Quality, not popularity. It's about opening a private channel with the people in your life who really get you.

No can can even see who or how many people you are connected to on your profile.

We estimate most USpace users will connect with between 3 and 12 key people.

With All Due Respect

Email, text and messaging threads are the messy 20th Century channels hosting our private conversations.

USpace organizes your private communications in one place with a contemporary "Post and Comment" format.