Add a Trusted Connection

Your Trusted Connections are your inner circle of friends and family. You might already have a group going on a...
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Update My Profile Status

Profile Status Updates allow you to be your real self among trusted friends, family and colleagues without resorting to phone...
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Edit Your Profile Information

Your profile contains information such as your email address, phone number, address, picture, work information, and additional tidbits about you,...
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Receive Notifications

Want to be notified immediately when one of your Trusted Connections posts in a room you host or are a...
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Check my Universal Feed

Stay up-to-date quickly with your closest friends and family with your Universal Feed that delivers every new room post from...
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Send a One-to-One Message

You can directly and securely message any Trusted Connection instantly across the world from the USpace app or website. All...
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Check my One-to-One Messages

iOS & Android Open USpace. Tap on Notifications, the Bell icon at the bottom of the screen. At the top...
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Log on to USpace from my Computer

Go to Type in the email address associated with your USpace account. Type in your password that you used...
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Remove a Trusted Connection

iOS and Android Open USpace. Tap on the second icon (two people) at the bottom of your screen. Tap on...
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How do I Delete my Account?

iOS and Android Open USpace. Tap on the first icon (single person) at the bottom. Tap on the pencil icon...
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