Answering your questions about using USpace with a word for word transcript of questions asked, answers provided.

Q: Hi, just got email from your Mom saying she sent messages to me on USPACE. Went to check messages and USPACE icon is gone from options on my cell. Not complaining…just thought I better tell you. How do I get it back and when I do- how do I get notifications?

A: Hi Aunt, I don’t know why it’s gone from your phone. There is nothing we did to do this. I recommend you just switch to the web app. You will not get Notif immediately but you can simply check when you are online like any online service.

Got to Unpublished.Space on any web browser and login exactly how you would with the app

Q: I went there but have forgotten name and password😔

A: I’m connected to you so one minute, I’ll get your USpace email. Ok, go to and tap “forgot password.” Your email is and can reset from there.

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