A couple of months ago, before we launched USpace FREE, our free for life service at Unpublished.Space, USpace was exclusively an Android and iOS app. This means you probably made it to Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store, but the link you clicked somehow didn’t go directly to the USpace app download in the store.

You were visiting a store, like Target or Kroger, where USpace offers its app designed just for the host’s Apple or Google operating system.

USpace is a product these stores stock, like Kroger stocks Cadbury Creme Eggs. Instagram is also a social connectivity product these stores stock, and might suggest as a substitute for USpace.

Just like a knock-off Cadbury Creme Egg product like, say, Acme Eastertime Surprise might be stocked next to Cadbury Creme Eggs in Kroger, inferior M. Zuckerberg data spying social media products like Instagram are stocked, and heavily promoted, right next to USpace.

USpace is a social network like Instagram and Facebook are social networks in the sense you are connected on a digital network. The similarities stop there. We have no algorithm sorting through endless tabloid headlines artificially pushing garbage into the middle of your personal relationships to make money and fuel tragic events like hate killings all over the world.

We are “Social 2.0” which is a pure connection without media publishing. Instagram is stocked in the same section, however no ‘Social 1.0’ media publishing product is a substitute for the real thing.

Posted April 6, 2019

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