Want to be notified immediately when one of your Trusted Connections posts in a room you host or are a guest in or one-to-one messages you? Then enable this feature!

iOS & Android

  1. Open the Settings icon on your phone
  2. Tap on Notifications
  3. Find the USpace icon
  4. Tap on the USpace icon
  5. Make sure the Allow Notifications is on (green part is revealed)
  6. Select additional Notification options you wish to have on.
    6a for iOS we recommend:
    · Show in Notification Center
    · Sounds
    · Show on Lock Screen
    6b for Android we recommend
    · Show app icon badges
    · Sounds on

Website – Notifications in Web App are on by default

  1. Log-in to your USpace account by going to www.unpublished.space
  2. Look for a Red Dot to appear on the Notifications Icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the Notifications Icon with the Red Dot
  4. New Messages from other USpace users will have a Red Dot in the row of profile pictures at top. Click the profile picture to see the new message
  5. New Posts and Comments on your Post Notifications will appear in words in the Notification list below Messaging profile pictures
  6. Click on the words for the post you want to read

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