noun – the underlying computer program that a user enters into to do things. A platform is a kind of digital service that creates rules around what users can do while using the service. Most people experience platforms as a service like Facebook or USpace that is social, but platforms can also be more mundane services like an invoicing program or a photo hosting site.

Platforms are distinguished by a set of rules that govern them. The best analogy is to think of another ‘world.’ Platforms rely on a constructed set of rules and order that are the vision of, and controlled by, the creators of the platform.

Platform refers to the set of governing rules and the actual coded architecture that creates the ‘world’ for the users. Platforms are often confused with the method by which a user accesses the platform. Most people access a platform through an app or website.

USpace is the app that allows users to enter Unpublished Space, the platform. In Fall 2018, will become the website that will allow users to access the Unpublished Space platform from any computer or mobile browser in the world.

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