Unpublished Space (web platform unpublished.space and device app USpace) uses technology to create an online space designed to facilitate online social interactions that more accurately reflect and facilitate how people interact in real life.

Since we are asking to host your conversations, we want to make it clear from the start: We work for you. In fact, we are you. We have built Unpublished Space with functionality and features that we want for our own personal lives online.

To accomplish our goal, we have outlined seven primary areas of work:

It is our job to make better tools for private communications.

Private communications are currently dominated by technologies such as group texts, email threads, and phone calls. As we grow, it is our mission to bring the rich functionality widely available in the social media experience to our private conversations.

It is our job to make your personal space and your personal data yours.

We can run a successful technology company without collecting private user data and locking users into an algorithm. We believe your content and data is yours and yours alone. Our job is to give you personal space to socialize freely.

Our platform collects general demographic information such as the number of users in a region and the number of users interested in a specific topic so we can better serve you in the future. Unpublished Space does not collect information on what you are writing about; who you are interacting with; or any other specifics of your personal conversations or online activity.

Our business model does not rely on advertising. This allows us to provide an online space free of invasive activities. When the time comes to bring businesses into the platform, our users will be able to freely choose to engage with commercial enterprise if, and when, they decide to do so. You will not see advertising sharing screen space with your personal conversations.

It is our job to give you control over your data.

Our long term goal is to give you control over the handling and archiving of your data. If you don’t want your data hosted for whatever reason, you can permanently delete it. With development time and available resources, we plan to add functionality that allows users to search, download, and archive conversations.

It is our job to protect your data from external threats.

Just like every bank, government, and business in the world, we cannot guarantee our platform is completely secure. However, information security is a top company priority.

Everything you post on Unpublished Space is converted into 256 bit encryption. Our servers are run independently and protected with state of the art protocols and firewalls. We will also be conducting regular platform and code security audits.

Google and other search engines and web crawler bots are blocked from our entire platform, so what you post will never appear in search engine results. Third party apps have no access to the platform or any data on the platform.

It is our job to keep your data secure on the platform.

When you are on Unpublished Space, no one can search for you by name, email, or other identifying characteristic. Your profile and hosted rooms are hosted in private. If anyone in the world who is not a Trusted Connection pastes your profile URL into a browser, nothing will appear.

If you are a guest in a shared space hosted by a Trusted Connection, other guests in that space who are not your Trusted Connections will see only your name and profile photo. They will also be able to message you, and you may eventually establish a Trusted Connection.

Your Profile will not show your Trusted Connections to anyone, even to your Trusted Connections. This information is entirely private to you. If you have a total of two or 2000 Trusted Connections, your Profile will look indistinguishable to anyone who can see it.

It is our job to fight nefarious and criminal activity.

Privacy is important, but it cannot be our sole concern. As a platform built for social use, we have a social responsibility to not allow our service to be used for evil.

Just as human nature dictates that every town, city, and country in the world has criminal activity, it is inevitable criminals will gravitate towards our service. We refuse to be a tool that facilitates criminality, and for that reason we make basic, reasonable concessions to user privacy.

Our platform will be monitored by algorithm bots programmed to flag criminal activity. In the event that content is flagged, a human monitor will then look at the content and refer it to the relevant authorities if necessary.

We monitor our space proactively, not exclusively to fulfill our minimum obligations to the legal jurisdictions in which we operate. Information about individual users these bots collect does not become our property and will be otherwise handled in accord with our primary privacy mission.

It is our job to tell you what we are doing.

As we build and develop Unpublished Space, we will make information about updates, new features, and changes available to all users on our Platform Announcements feed at @unpublishedspace on Instagram.

If any policies you see stated here change for some unforeseen reason in the future, we will clearly state changes in Announcements before the policy takes effect.

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