We consider whether or not someone is on Unpublished Space in the first place to be their personal business. If you sent a request to someone on the platform, and their name appeared in Pending Requests, that would show they are on the platform.

Incoming connection requests appear in your Pending Requests alerting you to new Trusted Connection requests without indicating to the other person you are on Unpublished Space.

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2 thoughts on “When I send an invite to someone, their name doesn’t appear in my Pending Requests list. Why?

    1. Hi there Hope, This is a good question, thanks for asking it. Here’s what happens when someone invites you to Connect:

      – You will receive a Push Notification (on your device), if you have them turned on.
      – You will see a Notification Update on the NU Screen on USpace (second tab from right, Main Menu tray)
      – You will see a new field on your TC (Trusted Connections) screen (second tab from left, Main Menu tray) that says “Pending Connection Requests” and the other USpace user asking to Connect will appear there.

      Click any of these Notifications or screen items and it will launch a window that says “Mary Smith wants to connect with you on USpace.” Tap the Approve button, and you will be connected!

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